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DAVA Consulting: Recorder Pro


DAVA Consulting - Recorder Pro artwork Recorder Pro
DAVA Consulting
Genere: Economia
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Data di uscita: 16/09/2008

Recorder Pro is designed to satisfy most of your sound and voice recording needs. Whether you are at a business meeting, a lecture, an interview or just need to have a shopping list at hand, Recorder Pro is a perfect choice. With recordings adjustable quality you don't need to worry about the file size any more. Transfer the recordings to your computer or share them with your friends.

➤ Record in different formats (AIFF, AIFC, CAF, WAV)
➤ Record and playback in the background
➤ Adjust recording quality (up to 44.1 kHz)
➤ Detect and skip gaps with auto pause function
➤ Resume recording
➤ Track audio level with level metering

➤ Sort and Search
➤ Arrange by categories
➤ Set priority and icon

➤ Add and share recordings via iTunes
➤ Send recordings by e-mail (as a link or attachment)
➤ Copy using Wi-Fi

➤ Enjoy attractive user interface with Retina display
➤ High-quality icons library at your disposal
➤ Emoji support

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