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Polar Bear Farm Ltd: Record - Voice Recorder

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Polar Bear Farm Ltd - Record - Voice Recorder artwork Record - Voice Recorder
Polar Bear Farm Ltd
Genere: Economia
Prezzo: 2,29 €
Data di uscita: 04/09/2008

The ultimate audio and voice recorder for your iPhone. Simple and easy to use, but also packed with features.


• Launch and shake to start recording, or if you prefer, use the button on the lower right toolbar.
• Pause and resume recordings.
• Search recording titles.
• Organise recordings into folders.
• Setup smart folders based on keywords, or the location you recorded.
• Email recordings from your iPhone (10 minute recordings or shorter).
• Rename and reorder recordings.
• Seek and pause during playback.
• Compressed IMA4 AIFF format.
• Great audio quality, record for seconds or hours.
• Records when iPhone is locked.
• Scrub through long recordings with the touch of a finger.

Smart folders take the hassle out of organising your recordings. You can create smart folders to automatically organise your recordings based on the location where they were created, or keywords contained within the title.

NOTE: iPod Touch 2nd Gen users will need an Apple headset with microphone to use Record.

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