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Zarboo Software: SpeakEasy Voice Recorder

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Zarboo Software - SpeakEasy Voice Recorder artwork SpeakEasy Voice Recorder
Zarboo Software
Genere: Economia
Prezzo: 2,29 €
Data di uscita: 11/07/2008

Record and playback notes, reminders, or just about anything from your iPhone’s built-in microphone. SpeakEasy gives you a recording studio that fits into your pocket. Intuitive and fun, SpeakEasy is the premier voice recorder for your iPhone.


- Beautifully animated and intuitive user interface with large, easy to touch buttons
- Easily group and organize your recordings by category
- Add a photo, title, and comments to any recording
- Pause and continue both recording and playback
- Download your recordings from SpeakEasy using to your computer using your web browser.
- Turn your recordings into custom ringtones
- Adjustable audio quality (from 8 to 44.1 kHz sample rate)
- Interruption protection allows you to continue recording after a phone call interruption
- New recording indicators both within SpeakEasy and on the home screen icon
- On the go recording options allow for quick start and save
- Speaker mode toggle button on playback screen
- Unlimited recording length
- Works with iPhone and second generation iPod Touch. IMPORTANT: The first generation iPod Touch is not supported by SpeakEasy. Using SpeakEasy with a second generation iPod Touch requires iPhone compatible earbuds with a built-in microphone.

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