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XK72: Send Contact (Business Cards)


XK72 - Send Contact (Business Cards) artwork Send Contact (Business Cards)
Genere: Economia
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Data di uscita: 03/08/2008

Send and receive contact details on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

You choose a contact and send the details using the device's built-in Mail program. You choose which details to include and you can even send the contact's photo!

The email contains the contact details in text format. If the receiver has Send Contact installed they can import the details. Alternatively the receiver can download the contact details as a vCard, which can be easily imported (NB. vCards do not contain the contact's photo due to a technical limitation).


The contact details are entirely contained within the email. For technical reasons, the vCard is created by sending contact details to Send Contact's webservice via SSL encryption when the download link in the email is clicked. No details are ever stored on the server.

Please read more, report any bugs and send feedback on the application's website below.

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