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Zaph, LLC - Hurricanes artwork Hurricanes
Zaph, LLC
Genere: Meteorologia
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Data di uscita: 23/09/2008

Hurricane Viewer amalgamates and disseminates information about current Tropical Storms in the Atlantic, Caribbean, Gulf and North East Pacific offering multiple ways to view storm progression and impact.

The concept allows fast and convenient access to information on active storms in the Atlantic and some Pacific regions combined with ease of storm selection and ease of navigation between the various views of active storms on an iPhone.

The graphics and data displayed come from two publicly available sources on the Internet: The National Hurricane Center of the National Weather Service and

These are the views provided:
5 Day Cone: Coastal Watches/Warnings and 5-Day Track Forecast Cone
History: Cumulative Wind History Graphic
Probability: Maximum Wind Speed Probability Table
Surface: Graphical Surface Wind Field
Track: Graphical view of active storm
Advisory: Updated storm Advisories
Forecast: Text storm forecast
Discussion: Text discussion of current storm conditions
Wind Speed: Text discussion of updated wind speed probability
Satellite: Latest Satellite Imagery
Tropical Storm Wind Speed Probabilities by storm and time
Tropical Storm Surge Probabilities
A Storm Archive with historical overview of storms
A Regional Archive with annual tracks for 7 world regions since 1995

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