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Pete Schwamb: CricketSong


Pete Schwamb - CricketSong artwork CricketSong
Pete Schwamb
Genere: Meteorologia
Prezzo: 0,89 €
Data di uscita: 11/09/2008

Bioacoustics application that gives current temperature readouts by listening to crickets! This app uses the iPhone's built-in microphone to detect the chirping of Tree Crickets, and computes a temperature value based on the rate of chirping. The readout is usually accurate to within a degree or two.

Note: CricketSong listens for snowy tree crickets, which have a very rhythmic chirping, and filters out other crickets, like field crickets, which are more sporadic when they chirp.

Works best within 20 feet of a tree cricket.

Happy Chirping!

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