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PalaSoftware Inc.: SoccerMate (score and track soccer matches)


PalaSoftware Inc. - SoccerMate (score and track soccer matches) artwork SoccerMate (score and track soccer matches)
PalaSoftware Inc.
Genere: Sport
Prezzo: 1,09 €
Data di uscita: 02/10/2008

Soccer moms, soccer dads, soccer fans, this app is for you. No more fiddling with your watch trying to remember when the half started or debating the score and where the goal came from. SoccerMate keeps track of made shots, cards and time (even stoppage time), all of which are easily reviewable during or after the match. SoccerMate is the easiest and simplest way to review a match with your kids, friends, or co-players after a game.

• Match Scoring
• Countdown Clock (with stoppage time)
• Field location of shots & cards tracked by team, player and time
• Match summaries (with an option to email)
• Multiple team configuration including names, players, colors and notes
• Supports both overtime and penalty kicks for tied matches

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