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Kuzmycz Software
Genere: Sport
Prezzo: 8,99 €
Data di uscita: 17/07/2008

Simplicity inspired, caddy is designed to simplify the process of recording your game without distraction so that you can focus on your game and not on recording your strokes.

With a little bit of extra effort you can record the clubs you use and record the location of each stroke. This extra information gives you information about many aspects of your game from club distances to GIR and GIR conversion.

With the built in Range Finder you can determine the distance to the green or any hazard that you define. The choice is yours.

The application is truly a beautiful application that presents information in a powerful and coherent manner. As one customer said:

<i>"Absolutely beautiful!  I really like the graphical face lift and selection of skins (i.e.. icon buttons, Caddy Theme:}, etc.)."</i>

Other applications offer 30,000+ courses; however, these are closed systems and if your course does not exist then you cannot use the application effectively or if the course changes (due to maintenance or the course is restricted) then you are left with inaccurate course information. Caddy on the other hand has a course repository that allows you to share your course or to download courses that others have shared. Unlike the other applications, Caddy allows you to change the course detail. This includes hole and hazard markers.

Caddy goes one step further, we realise that every golfer is different. Some like to collect different statistics, others prefer different editing styles. Caddy offers golfers a choice. You have the option to choose from 3 different editors and 10 different graphical styles. In this respect Caddy is unique and we intend to add to more editors and themes in the future


- Electronic scorecard that allows you to track from one to four players.
- Range finder that allows to determine the distance from the front/back and center of green and any number of user defined locations.
- Handicap support for USGA Handicap, UK handicap and EGA handicap. The application can calculate your handicap based on the rounds that you have played.
- Course Management. Download your course from the repository of 28,000+ courses supplied by oobgolf and golfers like you. If your course is not available, use the inbuilt course editor to create the course. If there is an error (temporary course changes) use the course editor to correct the course. Few application provide this facility.
- Want to share your course detail with your friends?
- Upload the course to the repository so that they can download it.
- Email your scorecard
- Manage players. You can import a player’s details from your iPhone’s contacts.
- Track your strokes and view them on a map.
- Multiple scoring methods
* Stroke play
* Stableford
* Callaway

<u>Our commitment to you!</u>
We are committed to providing the best possible application and we will continue to support and improve the application vigorously. The application continues to improve thanks to our wonderful customer. Thank you for your feedback and keep sending us your suggestions.

<b>Note:</b> Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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