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Hung Duong: Note And Sketch


Hung Duong - Note And Sketch artwork Note And Sketch
Hung Duong
Genere: Produttività
Prezzo: 1,99 €
Data di uscita: 14/08/2008

Take note by typing input text and drawing using your fingers.

Email text from your note.

Export your notes to your photo album. From there, you can sync it with your desktop or laptop computer, or you can email it to any email address.

Find your notes instantly with search, and sort (by title or by date) features. A sophisticated search algorithm will understand what you're looking for and give you the best matched result.

- Sketch your ideas during brain storming.
- Create your cool diary with visual illustrations to express your feeling and emotions.
- Take lecture notes, class notes. Must have for students.
- Illustrate flow diagrams or systems.
- Create scientific histograms.
- Explain business trends.
- Layout plans.
- Draw art pictures.
- Create notes for math, physics, chemistry, molecular biology, pharmacology, medicine, mechanics, computer science, electrical engineering, geology, earth science, finance, economy, accounting, statistics, history, physiology, social sciences, education, or any subject.
- Write down simple to-do lists, shopping list, grocery items, sport game plan, cheat sheets, memo and task for lab experiments, keep track of what you spend or business expenses, travel and trips plan, or any typical document.

No matter who you are, journalist, student, scientist, medical doctor, engineer, designer, businessman, tradesman, team manager, musician, artist, or anyone else, NoteAndSketch is the most powerful tool to record and share your thoughts to others. It boosts your productivity and creativity.

Enjoy convenient typing with virtual keyboard and sketch confidently with the undo and redo feature.

Please visit htttp:// for questions and 24/7 technical supports.

1. The height of your note page is not limited to the size of the screen.
2. Easy switching between drawing mode and typing mode by touch on the same pencil button in the toolbar.
3. Redo and undo drawings are available. Not only that, you can still undo drawing even if you quit the application and relaunch it.
4. Export your notes to your photo album.

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