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Genere: News
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Data di uscita: 19/08/2008

Mobile Teletext Reader for iPhone.

Now you can access Teletext anytime and anywhere with easy-to-use and fast interface. Select your favourite channel and type three digits and the page pops open in a blink of an eye. Swipe to left or right to reveal more pages. Navigate to subpages immediatelly when you are ready - not when television decides to refresh the page.

iTeletext keeps you in touch with your favourite daily information; Headline News, Finance, Weather, Sports, Politics, TV-Programs and much more. Tightly packed essential information in easy to read and fast to load format which suites perfectly for mobile use.

Example Supported Countries:
Switzerland , Italy , Finland, Netherlands , Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Poland and many more.

- Currently supports over 70 Teletext channels from 17 countries around the Europe. See complete list from out webpages and remeber to update to latest channel database from preferences.

- Sophisticated page preloading for convient usabilty. Next page is available the second you wish to see it.
- Page caching to minimize bandwidth and maximize user experience.
- Finetuned interface designed especially for iPhone and to take full advantage of device's capabilities
- Supports both orientations

iTeletext uses teletext channels freely available on the internet. If the provider of some channel discontinues their service the channel is naturally not available for iTeletext either.

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