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Jerome Tay: The Black RSS Reader


Jerome Tay - The Black RSS Reader artwork The Black RSS Reader
Jerome Tay
Genere: News
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Data di uscita: 11/09/2008

This is a reverse coloured offline RSS Feed reader. It can read RSS 1.0 and RSS 2.0 feeds. Feed data are rendered in HTML.

- Feed data is downloaded and stored on the device for 30 days. (However, any links to images are not downloaded and will need a valid internet connection to be viewed.)
- New Feeds are marked.
- The original link can be opened in Safari.
- Reader remembers the last read feed and scrolls to it when the application restarts.
- Some websites have the RSS Link in a link tag. The reader can extract the RSS Link and add it to the list of feeds. Most major websites have this link.

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