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Steven Troughton-Smith: Speed


Steven Troughton-Smith - Speed artwork Speed
Steven Troughton-Smith
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Data di uscita: 01/08/2008

If Speed stopped working in an update, don't panic - it's a bug with iOS (one I have no control over). You will have to go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> and choose 'Reset Location Warnings'. Good luck!

Speed is a drop-dead simple speedometer for iPhone that uses the location data from the GPS to provide a near-accurate representation of how fast you're actually traveling.

Featuring lush graphics and a clear, legible display, Speed is the perfect bicycle, boat or train speedometer. Both kilometers and miles per hour are supported, and a landscape mode for widescreen operation. Even more, if you double-tap the dial it will invert itself - perfect for reflecting in windshields!

As this works using the GPS, you will have to be moving at a certain minimum speed for it to register, and from testing it seems to be 5km/h. Ergo walking won't normally make the dial update unless you have super-accurate GPS coverage.

An iPhone, iPod or iPad with a GPS is required for this application. If you see the flashing GPS indicator, you do not have a GPS lock.

Verify that you have enabled location services for Speed in the Settings application. Also make sure you have good GPS coverage.

♣ Proudly Irish & Made in Ireland!

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