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Ryan McCormack: Distance


Ryan McCormack - Distance artwork Distance
Ryan McCormack
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Use the power of the iPhone's GPS to measure distances between locations or along a path traveled. Distance can also export the data it collects to create maps for Google Earth, Google Maps or any application that supports the KML format. Measure distances in feet, yards, miles, meters or kilometers. With Distance you can either manually set points and measure the total distance point to point to point, or you can let Distance automatically plot your points for you as you travel.

With Distance you can save all of your measurements and view them at any time. You can export your measurements and save them in CSV and KML formats on your PC or Mac. With the KML file you can view your map in Google Earth or Google Maps!

Distance comes with an accuracy meter, allowing you to add points when the accuracy and GPS signal are the strongest. The accuracy meter helps you get the best results for your measurements and mapping.

Distance works best with the iPhone 3G, however it can work with the first generation iPhone as well. Please note that the accuracy of the first generation iPhone is limited and should only be used for large distances.

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