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Frog Army: Simple GPS


Frog Army - Simple GPS artwork Simple GPS
Frog Army
Genere: Navigazione
Prezzo: 1,79 €
Data di uscita: 06/10/2008

Now post your location to Facebook! Simple GPS is an easy and attractive GPS display for the iPhone. Just launch it and get your coordinates within seconds. Great for geocaching, hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities.

Tell your friends where you are. Tap "Email" and send them a link to your location. When they open it on their phones, they'll be linked directly to Google Maps.

Get an aerial view of your location. Tap "Map" to launch Google Maps with your current coordinates.

Hint: Tap on the coordinates to switch between decimal, sexagesimal (degrees/minutes/seconds) and MGRS. Tap on the altitude or accuracy readings to switch feet to meters. Your preferences are saved automatically.

Now features MGRS (Military Grid Reference System) and UTM coordinates!

Note: Simple GPS works best on iPhone 3G. It will run on the iPod touch and (original) iPhone but neither model has a GPS unit so locations aren't nearly as accurate or even available.

Available in many languages.

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