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Maverick Software LLC
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Data di uscita: 04/09/2008

* New version 1.4 update, now with better metric/english unit handling. *

A quick and easy running calculator and stopwatch. Enter the time & distance you ran, and see your average pace. With the new stopwatch, you can get accurate times for your run, so you can just enter in the distance of your route to see the pace.

RunCalc is perfect for runners of all levels, and makes it easy to figure out the pace you ran a race, calculate split times for track workouts, or see how long it will take to run a distance at a certain pace. Features include:

• Solve for time, distance, or pace.
• Enter values with dials or a keyboard.
• Stopwatch to record exact times. The stopwatch continues running even if the phone is turned off or RunCalc is quit!
• Live recalculating - change any of the inputs and the result is instantly displayed.
• Use miles or kilometers, with automatic conversion between units.
• Shows pace in minutes per mile/K and speed in MPH/KPH for easy use with treadmills.
• Built-in pre-sets for accurate calculations on common race & workout distances (400m, 800m, 5K, 10K, half marathon, marathon, etc).

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