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made-up software: True Weight

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made-up software
Genere: Salute e benessere
Prezzo: 1,99 €
Data di uscita: 16/08/2008

• Understand your weight.
• Stay motivated.
• Tune your diet.
• Get long term results.

Keeping track of your diet is difficult. Daily weight fluctuations mask your real progress and make you feel like giving up.
Use True Weight and you'll get a clear picture of your progress and stay motivated.
Once you understand your True Weight, our 'Daily Energy' value helps you tune your diet without the need for complex calorie counting.

• Record in kilograms, pounds, or stones.
• Store up to 20 years of weight data.
• Withings scale support.
• Graphs from 1 month to 20 years.
• Full screen landscape graphs.
• Easy to read weight change information.
• Daily energy surplus calculation.
• Backup your data using email or web export.
• Import existing data.

If you experience any problems when using True Weight please email us at

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