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Jeff Hale: Accountr - Budget Checkbook


Jeff Hale - Accountr - Budget Checkbook artwork Accountr - Budget Checkbook
Jeff Hale
Genere: Finanza
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Data di uscita: 11/08/2008

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Accountr for the iPhone and iPod Touch allows you to keep track of on-the-go expenses and earnings. One of the few apps that lets you track your account transactions and also keep a budget.


- Sync transactions between devices

- Account Transfer

- Reconciliation

- Password Protection

- Create budgets (showing budget, total spent and remainder for each main category - see screen shot)
* Reset (default)
* Never Reset
* Rollover into Category
* Rollover into an Account

- Export
*Google Spreadsheet
*CSV (Import to Excel, Numbers)
*QIF (Import to MS Money, etc)

- Highlights Red/Green

- Multiple Accounts

- Unlimited categories and subcategories can be created to organize transactions

- Subcategories are optional

- Application remembers last amount entered and payee value for fast reoccurring entry

- Ability to modify create date when adding transactions, as well as record a payee and add a note

- Look forward to active development on this product which always includes free updates.

Visit the website for tutorials and other information about the product.

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