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Geomago Software Magics: Voice4Fun

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Geomago Software Magics - Voice4Fun artwork Voice4Fun
Geomago Software Magics
Genere: Intrattenimento
Prezzo: 1,09 €
Data di uscita: 04/09/2008

With Voice4Fun you can record your voice and apply multiple sound effects to it, changing its speed, pitch, volume, or adding echoes, noises, vibrations and other effects (a total of 18 different effects). The final result will surprise and entertain you and your friends.
A simple "mix" function lets you merge two or more audio tracks into one.
You can save and reload the resulting audio files, and you can e-mail it.

See our site for further details and examples. A user guide is available in the App as well.
Please send an e-mail to for any question; note that the App Store reviews are not regularly monitored, therefore they are not a good place for questions and notifications.

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