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Hog Bay Software: Bubbles

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Hog Bay Software - Bubbles artwork Bubbles
Hog Bay Software
Genere: Intrattenimento
Prezzo: 0,49 €
Data di uscita: 11/07/2008

For toddlers and parents who need a fun distraction.

• Hear bubbles popping.
• See bubbles fly from your fingers.
• Feel gravity pull your bubbles downward.
• Draw bubble letters, numbers, and shapes.

I created Bubbles to entertain my daughter for a 12 hour plane flight to Korea in 2008. I hope it provides some entertainment for you and your kids too.

My favorite is to play Bubbles with my kids before bed. We try to draw letters, numbers, or just fling them about. Tip: Flip your iPad or iPhone upside down to slow the bubbles down for easier drawing.

Have fun!

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