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Intellicore: Zoo Box


Intellicore - Zoo Box artwork Zoo Box
Genere: Istruzione
Prezzo: 0,89 €
Data di uscita: 18/07/2008

ZooBox is a best seller in Europe: 5th best paid apps 2008 ! It is a revival of a very old game for children, revamped for the iPhone.

Far away from grenades or blood freezing sounds, ZooBox is a simple yet addictive application that displays 38 funny animals and insects with sounds. Just rotate the iPhone to trigger each animal's sound.

The young and the young at heart will gather and enjoy turning their iPhone left or right to trigger the sounds in family or with friends ! Youngers will learn the name of each animal !

36 pictures and sounds have been selected to be funny or amazing.

More funny pictures and sounds are only a tap away and will surprise friends and attract children around!

For those who ever got to use one, this a moo box, iPhone-styled! Or a funny zoo in your pocket!

ZooBox works fine with any iPodTouch, but is more funny on your iPhone.

Featuring: cow owl rooster tiger mosquito goat cuckoo chick cat bear raven horse sheep duck dog lamb whale camel cricket crocodile turkey dolphin eagle elephant frog chicken deer hippo donkey seal fly stork wolf

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