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Benoit Cerrina: ShinKanji


Benoit Cerrina - ShinKanji artwork ShinKanji
Benoit Cerrina
Genere: Istruzione
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Data di uscita: 22/08/2008

Search and study Japanese Kanji with Shinkanji.

ShinKanji is a kanji reference and study application combining a kanji dictionary and a database of stroke orders.
* Large database of 3200+ kanjis with stroke order animations and structure information
* even more kanji with definitions and readings (3000 aditionals) but no animations yet
* Pronunciations in kana or romaji
* lookup a kanji using the iphone/ipod touch native input methods
japanese keyboard,
kana keypad,
chinese handwriting recognition
* lookup kanji by meaning or reading
* lookup kanji by radicals and number of strokes
* lookup kanji by drawing on a large canvas with undo redo support
* support predefined list including JLPT and JOYOU grade kanjis
* display the kanji definitions in multiple languages
Italian (only for jlpt 4 kanji for now)
* display a fully animated stroke order diagram.
* navigate through the kanji structures (up and down the hierarchy of containing kanjis)
* search for compounds
* navigate from kanji to compounds and vice versa
* custom lists of kanji and compounds
* best of all work when offline

In particular, the structure navigation is a fun way of learning new related kanjis and of exploring the etymology of kanjis.

If you cannot do something or have a problem with the application, please contact the support first before writing a review about a missing feature which is in fact there.

This package uses the KANJIDIC2 dictionary file. These file is the property of the Electronic Dictionary Research and Development Group, and are used in conformance with the Group's licence.

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