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Bizmosis Inc. - iTranslate - Ultimate artwork iTranslate - Ultimate
Bizmosis Inc.
Genere: Istruzione
Prezzo: 1,79 €
Data di uscita: 13/09/2008

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iTranslate brings cutting edge language translation and text-to-speech capability to the iPhone. Not only does it translate sentences into 5 different languages – IT READS THEM BACK TO YOU IN THAT LANGUAGE!

No pocket dictionary can do that!

This "Ultimate" version includes translation to and from any of our included languages. This version also will include new languages as we add them - for free!

Current Languages:
- Spanish
- German
- French
- Italian
- English

iPhone Translate is a great way to:
- Study vocabulary the fun way.
- Have a list of important phrases on hand while you are on vacation.
- Communicate immediately with someone who normally couldn’t understand you.

** All this for less than the price of a soft-cover language dictionary!

Features Include:
- Up to 500 characters per translation.
- Unlimited number of phrases.
- Real dynamic text-to-speech translation, these are NOT prerecorded phrases that you select from.
- Save favorite phrases for not-connected use.

* For more information please visit
* For language requests, feature additions and support please contact us directly (
* We do not routinely monitor comments - so please contact us directly and you will get immediate results.


* To perform translations your device must be connected to a data network.
* iPod Touch requires headphones to hear spoken audio.
* No computer generated translation or voice is perfect, and therefore is not a replacement for human translation.

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