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OpenStack Inc.: Scientific Calculator


OpenStack Inc. - Scientific Calculator artwork Scientific Calculator
OpenStack Inc.
Genere: Istruzione
Prezzo: 0,89 €
Data di uscita: 18/08/2008

Full blown scientific calculator, including formula entry in the form of f(x) including z. This calculator renders formulas in 2D and 3D (if Z is included in the equation). Lots of fun for doing visualizations, and very helpful when working on advanced algebra problems for school or work.

Features include:
- Polynomial function (to input the degree of polynomial: touch y then x then y^x)
- Exponential function
- Integration
- Sliders to change the max and min of x and y values dynamically
- Zoom in/out for closer inspection
- Table of solved x/y values
- Solve "on-demand" values of x for y for all enterable formulas

Please visit the website for more details and questions.

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