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e-Agent - BP-Charter artwork BP-Charter
Genere: Medicina
Prezzo: 1,79 €
Data di uscita: 21/08/2008

Blood-Pressure Charter is another of our health on your iPhone tools.

BP-Charter™ records your blood pressure, heart rate and medication diary for reporting to your doctor.

Our applications will optionally report your readings to an email address of your choice. The data is anonymous containing a PIN number for reference purposes.
Disclose this PIN number to your health professional to allow them to monitor your readings.

There is also provision for you to record your medication levels.

Please check out our other health products Weight-Charter™ and Glucose-Charter™ (an App-store Staff favorite!)
Rx Assistant Lite & BMI Charter™

Be sure to visit our User Forum, for support and feedback. We appreciate your participation in making our applications better for you and our many other customers.

In evaluating the potential of using BP-Charter™ do feel free to visit our support site (See Support Link Below) and review our extensive "BP-Charter™ Manual" that contains over 20 screenshots.

As always updates are free of charge.

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