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Gel Services, Inc.: Gel Swatch Library

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Gel Services, Inc. - Gel Swatch Library artwork Gel Swatch Library
Gel Services, Inc.
Genere: Riferimento
Prezzo: 10,99 €
Data di uscita: 12/07/2008

The Gel Swatch Library by Gel Services, Inc., lets lighting production personnel browse, search, and compare more than 1,600 gel color filters made by the most popular manufacturers:
- Apollo
- Lee
- Rosco

The Gel Swatch Library lets you:
- Search for gels by name or number
- Sort gels by number or how they're arranged in the physical swatchbook (forwards or backwards in the swatch book)
- Compare similar and complementary colors
- Examine each color's detailed Spectral Energy Distribution graphs by turning the iPhone or iPod touch sideways
- View CMY/RGB percentages or DMX values for any color
- See the last 21 colors visited with the "Recently Viewed Colors" list
- Send comments directly to the developers with the "Feedback" button

The Gel Swatch Library is perfect for:
- Theatres
- Churches
- Cruise ships
- Corporate events
- Educational theater programs
- Nightclubs
- Theatrical dealers
- And many more areas of the lighting world!

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