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Gel Services, Inc.: Gel Swatch Library

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Gel Services, Inc. - Gel Swatch Library artwork Gel Swatch Library
Gel Services, Inc.
Genere: Riferimento
Prezzo: 10,99 €
Data di uscita: 12/07/2008

The Gel Swatch Library by Gel Services, Inc., lets lighting production personnel browse, search, and compare more than 1,600 gel color filters made by the most popular manufacturers:
- Apollo
- Lee
- Rosco

The Gel Swatch Library lets you:
- Search for gels by name or number
- Sort gels by number or how they're arranged in the physical swatchbook (forwards or backwards in the swatch book)
- Compare similar and complementary colors
- Examine each color's detailed Spectral Energy Distribution graphs by turning the iPhone or iPod touch sideways
- View CMY/RGB percentages or DMX values for any color
- See the last 21 colors visited with the "Recently Viewed Colors" list
- Send comments directly to the developers with the "Feedback" button

We have added two great new features we think you will love:
1. Live view of colors in the gel item or gel comparison view with either front or back cameras.
2. Or see the same gel views over any photo in your library.

Both of these features are available as an in app purchase. Both of the features can be previewed for free with our pre-chosen colors (G-101 & G-305).

The Gel Swatch Library is perfect for:
- Theatres
- Churches
- Cruise ships
- Corporate events
- Educational theater programs
- Nightclubs
- Theatrical dealers
- And many more areas of the lighting world!

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