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Seahorse Software: Pyramid Solitaire Lite


Seahorse Software - Pyramid Solitaire Lite artwork Pyramid Solitaire Lite
Seahorse Software
Genere: Giochi
Data di uscita: 09/08/2008

Pyramid Solitaire is a classic solitaire game of matching cards which add up to 13.

With many configurable options, there up to 60 different levels of play (depending on purchased add-ons)!

But this is far from a simple game. With many options play on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad to choose from, you have many challenging levels to test your luck and abilities.

- A classic solitaire game
- Universal binary for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad
- Retina screen support for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad
- Single pyramid mode included. Double and Triple pyramid modes available for purchase
- Up to 60 different levels of play (requires add-on purchases)
- Option to enable/disable overlap matching
- Draw deck can be on left right
- 20 move undo available for purchase
- Best scores kept in Game Center

How many pyramids can you win in a row? Only the Pharaohs know for sure!

You can purchase add-ons which allows you to play in double or triple pyramid mode There is also an add-on which allows undoing your moves.

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