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gApp Technology, Inc.: 5 in-1 BlackJack (Free)


gApp Technology, Inc. - 5 in-1 BlackJack (Free) artwork 5 in-1 BlackJack (Free)
gApp Technology, Inc.
Genere: Giochi
Data di uscita: 10/09/2008

Are you ready to play the best BlackJack available on the iPhone or iPod touch? Are you ready to pay nothing for it?!?!?

This game allows you to bring authentic BlackJack action with you anywhere you go. Most blackjack apps give you one plain version of blackjack. Blackjack (Free) gives you 3 different versions of blackjack!

The different versions are:
Regular Blackjack
Count Blackjack
Face-up Blackjack
Blackjack Plus
Perfect Pair Blackjack

Quit paying for blackjack apps! This is the best out there and it's totally free!

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