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digitalsirup GmbH: Poker Tournament Blind Timer

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digitalsirup GmbH - Poker Tournament Blind Timer artwork Poker Tournament Blind Timer
digitalsirup GmbH
Genere: Giochi
Prezzo: 2,29 €
Data di uscita: 25/07/2008

Poker Blind Timer is all you need for your home tournaments. It controls blinds increases, duration of breaks, ante, playercount, and chipcount. It plays a warning sound three minutes before the blinds go up and when the next level starts.

While the timer is running you are able to manage addons, rebuys, and players by clicking a button. This tournament manager is not only suitable for Texas Hold'em Style poker tournaments.

Main Features:

• You can create as many custom tournament game settings as you like. Setup blinds, rebuys, add-ons, buyins, ante and breaks for every game.
• Define as many blind and time levels as you like.
• Kick players out, add rebuys and manage addons. It automatically calculates the total chip count and the average stack.
• You can setup breaks at the end of a level with different time structures.
• Payout calculator included. Choose from different payout structures or create your own.
• Adding blind structures with "intelligent editing" is fun! It tries to predict which blinds will be entered when you add them.
• Choose from different audio themes.
• Share game templates and payout structures with your friends per email or directly via Airdrop. You can also share templates between the iPhone and the iPad app.

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