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Griffin Technology: Double Bonus Slots


Griffin Technology - Double Bonus Slots artwork Double Bonus Slots
Griffin Technology
Genere: Giochi
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Data di uscita: 31/08/2008

Double the excitement with Griffin Technology's Double Bonus Slots.

You loved Lucky 7 Slots. But you told us that you wanted more. More action. More sound. Bigger bets and bigger payouts. Double Bonus Slots delivers. Place your bets then tap the screen to set the reels rolling. Lights, sound and double the chances of winning big bring the Vegas-style action to your iPhone while Double Bonus' graphics take advantage of the iPhone's beautiful wide-screen view. Double Bonus Slots tracks your winnings and plays - we'll even spot you 1000 credits to get started. Double your excitement with Double Bonus Slots. Add Griffin Technology's 5 Card Touch or Lucky 7 Slots for even more casino action when you want, where you want it.

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