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G3 Studios: Black Jack Pro


G3 Studios - Black Jack Pro artwork Black Jack Pro
G3 Studios
Genere: Giochi
Prezzo: 4,99 €
Data di uscita: 23/08/2008

Get the edge with Black Jack Pro! Play the game and the tutor will help you become a better player. Get into card counting and beat the house for good!

Black Jack Pro is like no other Blackjack game you have seen. With its fully animated casino-style game play, it gives you all the idiosyncrasies of real-life casino play, as well as a strong tutor to teach you the ins and outs of Basic Strategy.

Never again let the casino get the better of you by learning how to count cards, and Black Jack Pro is the perfect companion to practice your running counts.

You deserve to win in Blackjack and Black Jack Pro can get you there!

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