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Nerv Technology: Call My Bluff


Nerv Technology - Call My Bluff artwork Call My Bluff
Nerv Technology
Genere: Giochi
Prezzo: 1,09 €
Data di uscita: 02/10/2008

The handiest dice cup has finally arrived at App Store!

Call My Bluff is a multi-purpose yet easy to use electronic dice cup. Besides the 6 faces traditional dice, it has 8 faces, 12 faces, 20 faces dice and even dice that help with decision making! Moreover, it supports up to 4 dice cups to allow more players at the same time. Automatic calculation of dice results also makes this application very convenient and user friendly.

With Call My Bluff, you can easily have fun with almost all kind of games with dice rolling. Download it immediately!


- support up to 4 players
- automatic calculation of dice results
- three 6 faces dice
- three 8 faces dice
- three 12 faces dice
- three 20 faces dice
- three decision dice
- 12 dice tables

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