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StarByte: Black Mamba Racer


StarByte - Black Mamba Racer artwork Black Mamba Racer
Genere: Giochi
Prezzo: 1,99 €
Data di uscita: 08/10/2008

Race against the Black Mamba and her drone racers over 9 tracks and 25 racing missions.

To win you'll need to slide, drift and hustle your car round the circuits, taking the fastest racing line. Get the car setup for a corner, floor it and drift round. Get the balance right and you'll make fast laps, skillfully mastering consecutive drifted corners.

Collect on track power-up items for extra help.

Take car not to damage your car from other aggressive racers, tough chicanes, mobile barriers, fast moving rivers and many other track or location obstacles.

After each mission, learn from the Black Mamba as she gives her comments on your progress.

The game climaxes with a final one-on-one race with the Black Mamba. Only the most skilled, aggressive and fastest can beat her.

Network play - challenge a fellow competitor to a head-to-head race over a local WiFi network.

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"Surprisingly fun" - (Oct '08)

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