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Achoom: Kryptograms


Achoom - Kryptograms artwork Kryptograms
Genere: Giochi
Prezzo: 0,89 €
Data di uscita: 25/08/2008

Kryptograms is a fun and exciting brain game which includes classic cryptograms, trivia questions, and even hints embedded in the game to help you if you're stuck.

Kryptograms includes over 100 trivia questions and over 100 classic cryptograms in a unique format you will not see anywhere else. Trivia and word puzzles in one game, it's like getting two games in one...Check it out!

-Over 100 cryptograms
-Over 100 trivia questions
-Hints called 'kracks' that will help you 'krack' the code behind Kryptograms when you're stuck
-Total points and points per game
-Progress gets automatically saved including which game
you've left off on and how many total points you have!
-Sound effects, including ones to let you know when
you've done well...and when you need to keep trying!
-Simple to use interface

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