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Masayuki Akamatsu: Banner

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Masayuki Akamatsu - Banner artwork Banner
Masayuki Akamatsu
Genere: Intrattenimento
Prezzo: 1,09 €
Data di uscita: 03/09/2008

Banner is an LED-matrix-like display with which you can show custom messages. The following items can be shown:

- 5 user-defined messages
- 35 types of symbol characters
- Date (3 formats)
- Time (3 formats)
- Tweet (3 defined feeds based on user's timeline or keyword search)
- Music (Artist, Song, Album)

The application has the following settings:

- Scroll speed
- Blink speed
- Landscape-only mode
- Upside-down display
- Mirror display
- Double-tap editing
- Sleep disable

- Character size (3 sizes)
- Element (LED) size (3 sizes)
- Element (LED) shape (6 shapes)
- Element (LED) color (Hue, Saturation)
- Element (LED) color randomization

Tweets will be updated ever minutes or every tweets displayed.
"Banner Free" is a free version with ads; "Banner" is a paid version without ads.
Both "Banner" and "Banner Extreme" have the same functionalities.

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