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Artsiness: Circle Theory


Artsiness - Circle Theory artwork Circle Theory
Genere: Musica
Prezzo: 4,49 €
Data di uscita: 29/08/2008

Circle Theory is a Circle Of Fifths (sometimes known as a Circle Of Fourths). The Circle Of Fifths is a tool for musicians to assist them in seeing the relationship between notes, provide key signatures for both major and minor scales, assists in transposing between keys, and it also has a helpful guide to figure out note intervals per musical mode. An iPad VGA adapter can be used to view the circle on an external screen or projector.

• Tap or drag on the outer ring to change the tonic note / key signature
• Double-tap the outer ring to cycle through the inner ring displays
• Double-tap the center of the circle to cycle through the clefs
• When the inner ring is displaying a musical mode, drag the inner ring to select a new mode
• When the inner ring is displaying the transposition assistant, drag the inner ring to select a new starting key / note

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