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Useless Creations Pty Ltd: My Solitaire 3D - Customise cards with your photos!


Useless Creations Pty Ltd - My Solitaire 3D - Customise cards with your photos! artwork My Solitaire 3D - Customise cards with your photos!
Useless Creations Pty Ltd
Genere: Giochi
Data di uscita: 11/09/2008

Give boring, plain, slow moving solitaire the flick! My Solitaire is totally customizable and made to be played fast! Customise the cards and background with your own photos, and play with one hand!

Formerly "my Face Solitaire", this app has been on the App Store almost since it opened, and was designed for the old iPhone 3G!

v5.0 has been rewritten for iOS9 with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6Plus in mind. You can still customise all the cards and background, but you can also play on your giant screens with just one hand!

- Gorgeous hand-drawn card designs.
- Customize the Jack, Queen and King cards with your own photos!!
- Customize the card backs with your photos too!
- Customize the background!
- Play in portrait or landscape mode!
- Quick taps with your thumbs means an ultra quick game, or drag cards if you prefer.
- Nifty 3D graphics! Nice and clear for easy play!
- Choose seasonal deck designs for Christmas, Halloween and more!
- Double tap auto-moves cards to foundations.
- 3D screensaver mode to keep you from getting bored while you're planning your next move.
- Cool 3D display when you win, not just a simple boring You Win message!
- Plus top score stats and more!

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