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Data di uscita: 02/08/2008

The iPhone app that started the lighter revolution has gone GOLD! Why do people like Crazy Lighter so much? It's all about the flame, baby! With Crazy Lighter in a dark room its just like having a real lighter -- all glorious, realistic flame!

You've got all the controls you need: shake or slide lid to ignite the flame, shake or slide again to close.

Beware of imitations - get yourself the original, realistic Crazy Lighter!

Uses for Crazy Lighter:

- wave it in the air during a rock concert power ballad
- win your next gadget battle: "Can your phone do this?"
- flick continuously to relieve stress
- great conversation starter
- a soft flashlight when a white screen is too much
- read the hieroglyphics on that artifact you are plundering

Features of Crazy Lighter:

- high definition video of a real flame
- queue up ipod music to play in the background
- one-touch activation from the iPhone home menu
- flick to ignite and to close
- option to disable flick to prevent accidental closure
- safe for kids
- no polluting the air with particle contaminants

See the light, with Crazy Lighter!

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