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Moop.Me - iNap: Arrival Alert artwork iNap: Arrival Alert
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Data di uscita: 11/09/2008

WIRED 2009 - There's nothing like the click-clack of train tracks to lull you to sleep. And there's nothing like the fear of missing your stop to jolt you awake every 15 seconds. You can avoid this seesaw with iNap, a travel alarm that keeps you from dozing past your destination on public transit. Just use the Google map embedded in the app to indicate where you'll be getting off, then hit the hay. As long as your iPhone can get a GPS signal (sorry, subway riders), the program will track your location and trigger an alarm a preset distance before your stop. Remember to wipe off the drool before disembarking. (WIRED Magazine, issue 2/2009)


Ever wanted to get some sleep during a train ride, or a quick powernap on the bus to work? You either hoped to wake just in time not to miss your station, or set an alarm to wake you far too early... Let iNap wake you when you get close to your stop!

iNap is a 'next-generation' travel alarm. Using the GPS in your iPhone it will determine where you are, and wake you when you are close to your destination!

Using the integrated user-friendly Google Maps you determine your destination by typing in an address, city, train-station etc. Set how far from your destination you want to be woken up (100 meters before your destination? 1km? Up to 100km or Miles? iNap is flexible!) and you are ready to take a nap!

- iNap will wake you when you get near your destination!
- Integrated Google Maps!
- Use a street-name, city, train-station... anything to set as a destination!
- Get some extra sleep when the train (bus, tram etc.) has a delay!
- Several alarm sounds to wake you! Including a wake-up call from our mascot!
- Sensitivity level (distance from destination) from 100 meters– 100km / 0.1 mile– 100 miles!
- Can be used while listening to your iPod!
- Saves your settings! Saves all your destinations for later use!

Note: iNap works on all iPhones, but is best used on the iPhone 3G.


Gizmodo: "Clever uses of location services always impress me, and iNap is one of the best!"
Macrumors: "Commuters: get extra sleep with iNap!"
Random users: "Genius!" "Brilliant!" "Dang cool!" & "iNap, therefore iAm"

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