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Reflex Action Games Inc.: iSpades - A Spades Game


Reflex Action Games Inc. - iSpades - A Spades Game artwork iSpades - A Spades Game
Reflex Action Games Inc.
Genere: Giochi
Prezzo: 1,79 €
Data di uscita: 07/09/2008

This is the BEST Spades game available on the App Store. Don't believe us? Download the Lite version (iSpades Lite) and compare it with all the other Spades applications available.

The only Spades game to allow Multiplayer Online play with real people!

The only Spades game to allow Jokers!

The Spades game which has more Settings than all the other Spades games on the App store combined!

Welcome to iSpades.

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iSpades is a best Spades game for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. iSpades allows you to play with a Standard deck or a deck with Jokers. iSpades offers more features and options than any other Spades game on ANY platform!

The settings for iSpades can be accessed from your iPhone/iPod/iPad settings - you should see a separate section for iSpadez.

iSpades offers six types of Spades game -
1. Standard (Solo or Partnership) - A Standard Game of Spades with a Standard Deck
2. Classic (Solo or Partnership) - A game with Big and Small Joker
3. Suicide - A game were both the teams must have at least 1 nil bidder each
4. Mirror (Solo or Partnership) - A game were you can only bid exactly as many spades as you have
5. Bag Em (Solo or Partnership) - A game were you bid 1 and sandbag the opponents
6. Deuces High (Solo or Partnership) - A game were all the four deuces are replaced with a Joker and the deck thus has four Jokers - Big, Small, 2 Diamonds, 2 Spades.

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