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Thezi Studios: Metronome TS


Thezi Studios - Metronome TS artwork Metronome TS
Thezi Studios
Genere: Musica
Prezzo: 3,59 €
Data di uscita: 03/08/2008

"I have tried other metronomes before and must say that this one by Thezi Studios definitely out-performs my other ones, even my actual metronome, which cost $20!" -

"My top metronome pick, which combines both features and accuracy, is Metronome TS" - Electronic Musician

Listed as one of the ten best iPhone music apps at Best Music Production Software Dot Net:
"Whatever tempo you need, this handy metronome app will keep you in time."

This application is a full featured metronome that features tap tempo, ranges from 30 to 250 BPM, 0 to 19 beats per bar, 9 selectable rhythms, and the ability to play clicks through the first generation iPod Touch's internal speaker. It also allows you to save and categorize tempos for easy reference. This metronome is a must have for musicians!

Tap tempo
iPod Library integration to allow for easy playback and tapping of songs
Ranges from 30 to 250 BPM
0 to 19 beats per bar
9 selectable rhythms
4 selectable voices
Ability to play clicks through the first generation iPod Touch's internal speaker
Adjustable reference tone
Italian tempo markings
Auto-lock disabling
Ability to save and categorize tempos
Keyboard tempo entry
Accent customization

If you're using a first generation iPod Touch, you can use the internal speaker to play clicks from the metronome. Just make sure that the Sound Effects preference in the Settings application is set to either "Speaker" or "Both" and enable UI Clicks in the metronome's settings view.

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Some users have reported a bug where the metronome stops producing sound. We have not seen or been able to reproduce any such bug. As of version 1.5, the app obeys the silent/ring switch on the iPhone. Please ensure that this switch is set to "ring" and that your volume is turned up sufficiently. Also note that the frequencies available in the tuning fork tab extend beyond the iPhone speaker's capabilities. Anything below the third octave or so might be inaudible without external speakers.

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