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Data di uscita: 31/07/2008

As seen on TV on CNBC and in the New York Times!

"I just love goofy little apps... Crazy Eye and Crazy Mouth kept my youngest son occupied just about forever."

- David Pogue, The New York Times

Transform yourself into a living cartoon character! Select one of the fully animated mouths, hold your iPhone up to your face and get ready for some laughs. With two crazy animated ways to change your mouth you'll be sure to have everyone in stitches. Why waste money on an expensive facelift when you can get your Crazy Mouth on!

Do you want more? Then look for the paid editions of Crazy Mouth and Crazy Eye for iPhone, each with 10 fully animated ways for you to get crazy!

Note to iPod Touch Users: you will need headphones plugged in to hear the sound.

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