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Antoine Waes: Mio Ask PRO


Antoine Waes - Mio Ask PRO artwork Mio Ask PRO
Antoine Waes
Genere: Social network
Prezzo: 1,09 €
Data di uscita: 29/05/2013

German, Italian, Spanish, French and English support !!

Finally the unofficial iPhone app for !

The only goal of this app is to make the user interaction with the website "" more easier on iPhone !

No commercial goal is hidden behind this app.

You love the website and you think that it's hard to deal with it on the iPhone screen ? This app is for you !

Functionalities :
* Home page with all the news.
* My profile, with all the questions, the likes, gifts, and more ..
* My questions : you can directly respond to your questions !
* My friends : all your friends, them photos and profile page !
* Notifications

This app has been made by a 16 years old developer, so it may have bugs and I try to fix them soon as possible ! Please contact me !

If you like, all rights reserved to © SIA 2013 (photos and website)

Application : all rights reserved to Antoine Waes Inc.

Images, website : all rights reserved to © SIA 2013

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